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Donald Trump: Jeb's a 'Liar' & 'Hypocrite' On Eminent Domain, Bush Used It Big Time

  • by: Alan Duke
  • (Mon, 15 Feb 2016 20:36:06 Z)

Jeb Bush accused Donald Trump of using eminent domain laws -- through which a government can force a property owner to sell -- to take an elderly woman's home next to one of his casinos, but Trump is now pointing to Bush's use of the process as governor of Florida.

"JEB is a hypocrite! Used massive private "Eminent Domain" --- Just another clueless politician!" Trump tweeted Monday. He linked to stories detailing how Gov. Bush use the process to forcibly destroy thousands of fruits trees on private property in an effort to stop the spread of a disease that was threatening Florida's citrus industry.

One of the stories also involved the taking of a disabled veteran's land the Bush wanted for a watershed project.

"I'd like to call JEB a liar, but the truth is he has no clue & never revealed that he used Eminent Domain- when criticizing me!" Trump tweeted Monday. "Jeb used Eminent Domain & took advantage of a disabled vet in the process.?

"As Florida Governor, Jeb Bush loved eminent domain and practiced it," the story said.

The article also alleges that Jeb's older brother, President George W. Bush, made millions when the city of Arlington, Texas, used eminent domain to take homes for a stadium for the Texas Rangers, a team Bush co-owned.

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